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Sabine Myers

I am a German-American who has spent nearly equal time in Europe and the United States. Through adapting to new countries, I’ve developed a strong sense of intuition. This sense is a great asset in designing promotions for a targeted audience. My career launched at Austin Knight in London. In succession, I created designs in San Francisco for political campaigns; Chicago for Houghton Mifflin Company and Encyclopaedia Britannica Publishing; Santa Barbara/Los Angeles specializing in museum/fine art websites and concert promotions; and the East Coast for fashion retail and startups. I am open and flexible with clients and our team and know how important it is to find common ground to ensure success. Working together can only be built on trust.  



There is a next level creativity and experience to any project she works on. Sabine takes the time to understand the goals and the audience and she pays attention to the details. Her design work on our museum website project and intro video direction pushed us beyond industry standard to industry excellence.

Ruben Mislang 

Scrum Master


Sabine is dedicated and committed to the quality of what she creates in ways that are rarely seen. She has an impeccable work ethic. She doesn’t operate from a bureaucratic stance of “getting the job out the door”, but instead, from a “how-can-I-create-from-pure-excellence” position. She is kind, compassionate and generous with those with whom she collaborates, and despite her talent, skills, and experience, she is a grounded and humble human being of the highest caliber.

Ciro Coelho
Inward Ride


I worked closely with Sabine when she was employed as Art Director at DRWF and as a Freelance Designer with my current company JPD Systems. She excelled in this role and completed countless design projects for our company. Sabine is exceptional at creating well-conceived design themes and branding. Her outgoing personality makes the creation process even more enjoyable and exciting. I consider Sabine as a top of the line designer but she’s way more than that. She is a fully-fledged artist. 

Valy Bennet

Project Manager at JPD Systems





Sabine is largely responsible for the industry standard-setting quality of CAMA's concert program magazines, where her expert skills in artwork, design and layout shine in each project.


Justin Rizzo-Weaver 

Director of Operations

Community Arts Music Association


Sabine is certainly multi-faceted and very creative. She has a beautiful flowing style, and her designs are pieces of art. She has a great eye, a great sense of humor, and is a joy. Sabine is the most organized designer I have ever worked with; she can juggle many projects at one time, all with the greatest of ease. She has a great sense for beauty, and sensibility; her work reflects who she is and her style is appreciated by her clients.

Annie Boisevain

Project Manager,
Healing Retreats & Spas

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It is a pleasure each time I work with Sabine. And since many years now. The accuracy in her understanding of our design needs is astounding and her good humor is communicative. I recommend her without hesitation!

Christine Inglessi

Marketing & Strategic Sales Rep

for Global Supply Chain -



Sabine's creative abilities and energy generate high-quality designs. Preliminary concept discussions to define the project direction are precise and comprehensive. She always fulfills her promises and is prepared for all project discussions. Sabine's creative talent shows through on our latest project together. She took control and guided the inputs to keep the project moving, on target to meet the deadlines, and produce superior results.

Bryan Watt

Humanitarian Photographer 


Share an idea with Sabine, and she will take it to a higher level of refinement, reminding you of why it’s always the wiser choice to hire a designer. The idea could be hazy or solid – Sabine gives it clarity and elegance. She’s also diplomatic, finding graceful ways to steer concepts to their best expression. She is mindful of resources – time, money, scope, attention – and calibrates her work accordingly. I always look forward to a chance to work with Sabine, whom I’ve known for many years. 

Susana Darwin

Writer & Director at "Longer"




Sabine Myers, book designer extraordinaire, joined us early on during this book-making adventure to become our essential third. For her sustained belief in the project, patience, and vision for how to bring our book so vividly and beautifully to life, we bow in astonished gratitude. 

Kay Young

Author of : "We've never been so un-annoyed, Iceland for the Lady Traveler"

bob debris - IMG_1346.JPG

I hired Sabine to design the image and branding of our website. Branding an ad agency is not easy, but she took it all on with humor and contagious energy. I recommend Sabine for any project. You'll have fun. 

Mike Silverander
Creative Director 

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